It’s worse than it’s ever been. Just kidding… Not.

‘When will I receive my Covid booster?’ Asks patient Annie, 98, unable to leave her house for the past three years.

‘We are working-our way round,’ Says the doctor.

Anticoagulation and possible head injuries in care home residents

Consequently, significant numbers of very frail and older people are transferred to local Emergency Departments following either trivial head injuries or when a head injury is only suspected but not witnessed.

G. falls over and possibly bangs his head

He was treated with antibiotics and returned to the care home 48 hours later. During his stay he fell twice on the ward; there was an incident with a member of staff which led to him receiving intramuscular Lorazepam.


The wolf wakes as the sun sets and, the family rest before traveling home. I ask you, what was he thinking? Did he not consider discretion to be more appropriate at that moment than speaking his mind, or, perhaps, the occasion was confusing; afraid, knickers-in-a-twist. You can’t always tell. Some people. Some people just letContinue reading “Jabotinsky”