Woman vs Land Rover


I have just watched a short video clip of a woman driving a big black land rover over a woman protesting in the street.

It was one of the worst things I’ve seen.

The woman whose face was blurred had long fingernails.

Like a witch.

I don’t remember much else about her although I am sure her accent was from somewhereabouts in London, or so.

I found the scene very upsetting as I have always considered the rule of car versus person sacrosanct, in that on the pavement, people come first and even on the road people come first if they are in the way.

Cars don’t have right of way over other people.

It made me think of Tiananmen Square.

You know, man versus tank.

This was woman versus big ugly car.

I’ve always hated landrovers.

I think, because back in the day, the people who drove them belonged to a certain class – the landed folk, those who would hunt foxes and shoot pheasants. (In earlier times they would shoot peasants too 😄)

Now, anyone can drive a LR, they are, as far as I know, very, very expensive, and the message they convey is more, I earn ££££ rather than my family name is Patrice-Bouquet-Smythe.

I see the drivers of the cars as conveying a message of privilege combined with a thumbing of the nose at concerns of miles to the gallon or the climate crisis. (Tigers in their tank, no doubt).

I’ve never been inside one.

I am sure they might be fun to drive.

This woman seemed to typify all my thoughts and feelings about those who drive these cars, which I admit are a diverse group.

Yet, she, felt it OK to drive her car on top of someone.

The Insulate Britain protestors are trying to get the government to invest in housing to achieve our carbon-neutral goals. They want to start with social housing, to offset the cost of heating that those on low incomes must spend to keep warm.

Their direct action has caused lots of upset. Lots of traffic jams and frustrated Southerners.

Despite all of this, whether I agree or not with the movement (I do) the big, ugly car inching its way forwards on top of two women has left me cold.

I wonder what would have happened had she crushed them to death.

Would someone have acted?



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