Who has the power?

Who can make you happy or sad?

Who can make you drop and do 20 press-ups?

It is a matter of control and influence.

We so often blame others for our unhappiness; he made me do it; I feel this way because they ignored me or acknowledged me – we are sensitive to external forces, spring branches blowing, our blossom falling even with the gentlest touch.

What power do I have over you?

How do I test my hypothesis? I can perhaps do this or that, ask you to stay here or go there, but, there will always be a point at which you stop, when your internal dialogue pulls the reigns and says, no!

We all have our limits, our beginnings and ends.

It is not necessarily transparent, it is not even consistent, today, tomorrow, next year, things keep moving.

This is of benefit to those of you who want to resist – keep them guessing, keep them on the back-foot, continuously wondering whether there is any chance of success.

I have the power.

I control, dominate, manipulate.

I can provide or withdraw love,

I can focus attention, affection or not.

Only by securing a solid centre can we hope to remain strong.

Only by internal structures, networks of family and friends can we hope to remain standing after the storm.

Idealism is not enough.

Better still, if you have a game plan, a strategy.

If they do that then I will do this and…

If only.

If only it was that predictable,

Black or white.

But no.

I have you in my power.

Handcuffed, hooded, manacled.

I can pull you or push you or, let me think.

Give me a moment,

This doesn’t come naturally to me,

I am usually good at thinking on the go, but,

This time,

I seem to have foundered.

I can’t get my footing, my grip is all wrong


I watch what I am doing

I see myself

As you

In your mind’s eye

Might see me;

I see myself


What I am.


No good, no bad, nada.




I was sure I had influence,

I was almost


There was something I could do to you,

To them,

With us.

But, no.

That is not how it happens anymore;

These days

You need to have the correct account,

The right password,

PIN number.

Call it off.

Let’s sit-down.

Let us break-bread and draw circles round one another

In the sand.



Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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