Pillars of the Earth

This book was a gift


or seven

years ago.


Given to me

by someone




who cared & saw through the tangles of organisational politics.


For, the book

is about monks vying with abbots who are battling with bishops

in a hierarchical mess


the church.


All taking place almost


years ago.



All sharing the same goal –

praising The Lord;

somehow blind to the concept that


sees all things & that cheating on earth is equivalent

to falling short at the gates of heaven.


And if you mirror this

to modern-day

and you replace

worship or prayer

with treatment

or care

And the Holy One Blessed Be He with


You might see where I am coming-from.


Only, there is no divine retribution

In healthcare;

the winners and losers;

are those who


And those who do not.

Those who


Avoidable harm,

And those who do not.


The line between recovery and deterioration

Is so very dependent

on people

Who are not as expendable as

a thousand

labourers, craftsmen or artisans.



the making of a doctor or nurse

is not taught;

It begins at birth

And is nurtured,

through life.


University or college

merely provide

the finishing touches.


And, if we are born to the priesthood,

but somehow

find ourselves

taking the path

Less trodden,

going, against the flow,


are committed,

that should be enough to sustain us.


If you are placed here to care, to treat to share,

To love, to nurture, to heal,

You really have no choice.


Spiralling you tumble.


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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